Refund Policy

  1. Non-Refundable Enrollment: Once the enrollment process is completed and the candidate is officially registered, the amount paid for the registration is non-refundable. This policy applies regardless of the circumstances, including but not limited to cancellation, withdrawal, or any other reason.
  2. Double Registrations: In the event that an individual is mistakenly double-registered and has made duplicate payments, the excess amount paid will be eligible for a refund. The refund will be processed according to the following conditions:
    • The refund will only be issued if clear evidence of the double registration and payment is provided.
    • The refund amount will be equal to the excess payment made due to the double registration.
    • Refunds will be issued in the same mode of payment as per the original transaction.
    • The refund process will follow the bank's schedule for processing, which typically takes 10 to 14 working days.
    • CCJ Interview reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the double registration and payment before processing the refund.
  3. No Refunds for Partial Utilization: If an individual has utilized a part of the services or benefits associated with the registration, no refunds will be issued for the unused portion.
  4. Change in Services: In the event that CCJ Interview makes changes to the nature, timing, or content of the services after enrollment, no refunds will be provided based on these changes.
  5. Disqualification or Expulsion: If a registered candidate is disqualified or expelled from the program, course, or service for any reason, no refunds will be issued.
  6. Refund Requests: All refund requests must be submitted in writing to our customer service team at Refund requests should include the candidate's full name, contact information, registration details, and a clear explanation of the reason for the refund request.
  7. Refund Discretion:CCJ Interview reserves the right to exercise discretion in exceptional cases, such as in cases of demonstrable extenuating circumstances that prevent a candidate's participation despite their best efforts. Such cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and decisions regarding refunds will be at the sole discretion of CCJ Interview
  8. Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact our customer service team at CCJ Interview